MacBook Keyboard

MacBook keyboards are your primary data entry tool for a variety of work tasks. Communication with relatives and work partners, searching for the necessary information on the Internet, viewing entertainment content - any user knows that without a keyboard for Mac the system loses all its functionality.

But, sooner or later, even such a reliable tool as the MacBook Pro, Air, or Retina keyboard fails, and then you have to think about buying and replace a MacBook keyboard. The reasons why the Mac keyboard may fail:

     Features of the assembly of specific models. Models A1706, A1707, and A1708 have a certain defect, due to which, over time, the effect of sticking buttons can be observed or the keys simply fall off.

     Mechanical damage. If the device is dropped on a hard surface, or something heavy is dropped on top of it, the keyboard of the Mac may be damaged.

     Flooding. Like all other devices, MacBooks with their keyboards are afraid of liquids. If the flooding did happen, you should look for high-quality technical service from specialists who repair the "apple technology".

Usually, trying to fix the damage by yourself leads to even more problems. In order not to waste your money, we advise you to order accessories and peripherals from Apple in the Spare parts Mobile store, where you will be served by professional managers who provide services to select the right product for your device model. You will be able to buy keyboards for Mac from us at the most affordable price, entrusting replacement to professional specialists.

How to see if the keyboard for MacBook is broken?

The keyboard is the main control of the laptop. If the MacBook does not see the keyboard or it stops working, it blocks the operation and comfortable use of the device.

MacBook keyboard malfunctions

There are mechanical and software malfunctions of the keyboard, due to which the keyboard of MacBook Air and other MacBooks may stop working. You can solve software failures yourself or check for them at a service center. Sometimes, the problem is solved by activating or deactivating some parameters in the device OS.

Where to buy a keyboard for a MacBook?

You can buy a keyboard for a Mac Book in the Spare Parts Mobile company both at retail and wholesale. The company supplies components for Apple devices from trusted manufacturers. All goods undergo additional quality control in China by the company's employees, which excludes the possibility of defects. A quality iMac keyboard will serve you faithfully for years to come.

We have been working on the market for several years, and therefore we are able to guarantee the quality and reliability of the products offered. Bookmark the SPM service site and visit us when you need to replace any parts and components of your MacBook. Do not forget that any "Mac" must be diagnosed at least once a year, and with this, we can also help you.

We will be glad to cooperate with wholesale and regular customers who need high-quality components for MacBooks in the US at the best prices.