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MacBook LCD

MacBooks are chosen by people whose main occupation is related to image and video processing. These are designers, photographers, video bloggers, and many others. The main criterion for choosing a laptop is the quality of the display. The MacBook LCD screen Retina is the best it can be in image and color today.

Retina technology is developed by Apple. The 15-inch MacBook Pro in 2012 was the company's first laptop to feature such a display. Retina display means high pixel density in excess of 300 ppi. All modern Apple gadgets are equipped with such a display.

MacBook LCD screens malfunction

LCD screen Mac can fail just like other laptop components. There are a number of reasons why you might need to buy an iMac LCD screen replacement, and these are:

     Mechanical damage. Caused by falls, impacts, or strong shaking.

     Liquid ingress.

     Malfunction of components that are responsible for displaying information on the screen.

If, when you turn on the laptop, the display does not show the picture, or displays it dimly or with interference, then you will need to replace the MacBook LCD screen.

What are the displays:

     The MacBook Pro display is a complex joinable mechanism.

     MacBook Pro Retina display is non-separable.

Repairing or replacing Mac LCD screen is a complex process. To replace the display, you need to disassemble the main part of the laptop, remove the wi-fi module, dismantle the old display, and install a new one.

Why replace LCD screen MacBook?

Replacing the MacBook LCD screen may be necessary if this part of the device is damaged. A strong blow, falling, liquid ingress - all these influences can lead to failure of the matrix, backlight lamps, and other display elements. Most often, this part of the MacBook is changed as an assembly, along with the device lid. In the Spare Parts Mobile store you can buy a high-quality iMac LCD screen for any models of Apple laptops at reasonable prices. Original high-quality components for MacBook, MacBook Pro, as well as new Macbook Pro Retina and MacBook Air products with a manufacturer's warranty, are always in our warehouse of Apple parts.

Which is better: a display with a lid assembly or an LCD matrix for a MacBook?

But a much more important parameter from the user's point of view, which is worth paying attention to when choosing an LCD screen for iMac or any other laptop - is it buying a display module in its entirety or a separate matrix?

The LCD matrix for MacBook is needed if your case is not deformed in any way and the light filters located on the display lid are not broken (models from 2016).

If the case cover was deformed, the corner is heavily wrinkled, the dent is in the middle, then most likely replacing the matrix will not help due to the fact that the matrix simply will not be there. In such situations, we strongly recommend not to take risks and order a display with lid assembly for MacBook Pro, Air, MacBook Retina.

Be careful when choosing a service center to replace the matrix, not all specialists will be able to replace the matrix in a quality manner without damaging it during installation!

Where to buy quality components?

You can purchase Mac LCD screens from a trusted component supplier, Spare Parts Mobile store. The company has its own warehouse, which allows it to control the quality of the supplied goods.

We provide an opportunity to buy a Macbook Retina display and other high-quality components without defects. We are focused on fruitful cooperation with service centers and workshops that value their reputation. For wholesale buyers, purchase at more pleasant prices is possible.

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