Flex Cable

Flex Cable

MacBook Flex Cable

In this section of the online store Spare Parts Mobile you can choose and buy an item such as a Flex cable Mac for a laptop matrix with delivery. Rest assured, the parts purchased on our website are new and original/OEM.

Why is the MacBook flex cable out of order?

The reasons for the breakdown of devices are completely different, but most often this happens for three reasons: technical wear, mechanical damage, and liquid penetration. It is necessary to uninstall the failed unit and install a replacing flex cable for MacBook.

Where to buy?

There are many different places. Often, you see advertisements for the repair of electronics in the vastness of the network, in the lobby of entrances, in elevators, and wherever they are not ?! Of course, their authors sometimes figure out how to change something in technology, where to get a Mac flex cable, and so on. The question is that they may not understand - and this happens often. And you will most likely have to overpay when working with a private master. They will resell the parts, therefore, they will charge an additional percentage in addition to the cost of the service itself. And you can find any consumable nodes yourself, for example, on the Internet.

Why do customers like to order from us?

     We will select what you need.

     We offer several options.

     We deliver quickly.

     We give a guarantee of up to one year.

How to select flex cable for iMac?

Based on the gadget model. If this is not enough, then the search is carried out by the sample of the spare part. Sometimes this is not enough to find what you need exactly. Then you have to select a spare part according to your own part, photographs, or pictures. If you find it difficult to choose, our managers will be happy to help you choose a spare part!

If the cable does not fit, do not worry, we can always change it to a suitable one completely free of charge within 14 days, subject to warranty obligations. To do this, just contact us at the contacts indicated on the website or on the warranty card.

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