LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Apple iPhone 5 LCD

The iPhone 5 LCD screen is designed to display information and control the gadget. The screen LCD in iPhone 5 is made entirely of high-quality glass. Such a constructive solution adds durability to the smartphone.

Main advantages of the module

Designed specifically for Apple Retina products, the LCD iPhone 5 screen has a higher pixel density than its counterparts. The anti-reflective coating is highly resistant to dirt and fingerprints. The display supports simultaneous touches, character sets, and multi-language displays. Direct sunlight does not distort color rendering. The user does not have any difficulties with viewing information in clear weather outside. The widescreen iPhone 5 has a 4-inch wide viewing angle for a comfortable grip. The resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, combined with high contrast, provides the user with the opportunity to admire vivid and saturated colors when viewing pictures and videos.

The quality characteristics of the display are respectable. And although it is difficult to damage it, sometimes, under certain circumstances, it becomes necessary to purchase iPhone 5 LCD screen replacement.

When do you need to buy the LCD screen on iPhone 5?

As a result of rough handling, contact with water, falls, the device may be damaged. About the need to replace the module, you will be prompted by such common problems as:

     Cracks and chips visible on the surface.

     Difficulties that regularly arise in the operation of the touchscreen.

     In case of serious damage, the display on the iPhone 5 flickers.

     Strange streaks and highlights appear.

     The worst-case scenario is that the screen is completely inoperative.

The online store of spare parts for mobile devices Spare Parts Mobile offers to buy the LCD screen for iPhone 5 (original) at a reasonable price, or its certified factory counterpart at an even lower cost. The prefabricated module of the kit contains 3 products at once - a touchscreen, a frame, and a screen.

Among the advantages of the store:

     Positive customer reviews.

     Professional consultations of managers on the selection/compatibility of parts, as well as order support.

     Easy navigation on the official website allows buyers to find and purchase guaranteed quality goods quickly and easily.

     Cash and non-cash payments available to customers. Confirmation of payment is made by one of the selected methods immediately or upon receipt of the goods.

You can completely replace the module yourself. In the event that the necessary technical skills and knowledge are not available, you should contact a specialist for repair. A set of classic certified components from our store will help eliminate any existing problems with your smartphone as soon as possible.