Full Housing Cover

Full Housing Cover

Huawei full housing cover

Huawei is a world leader in the production of smartphones and other “smart” equipment. Thanks to its excellent design and quality, the company has become on a par with the “Giants”: Samsung, Apple, LG, and others. Having vast experience in the creation of smartphones and communication tools, it has allowed us to gain recognition from a wide range of consumers. Inexpensive and high-quality smartphones have flooded the world! The world is Huawei. There is no shortage of parts, namely: the Huawei full housing cover is always in stock.

Now all the forces of the company are aimed at conquering virtual reality and the smartphone will become a pass to new worlds. Until that happens, let's talk about repairs. Like any phone, Huawei devices can be broken: a fall from a great height or moisture will easily make a brick out of the phone. Chips and scratches cover the case for Huawei? It is enough to replace it with a new one!

The housing cover can be:



     From ceramics;


Also, the cost of the case for Huawei may vary from a number of factors:


     Copy (Copy, general execution for 3+);

     Copy of AAA-grade (High-Copy, great details, the price of a Huawei phone case in “High” will be higher than a simple copy);

     Original needs no introduction – spare parts from Huawei itself!



     Used case for Huawei smartphone (taken from other phones and passed all checks).


     Case only (“naked”);

     Housing and components (control buttons, plastic antennas, speakers/microphones (possibly);

     Full (it is enough to rearrange the board and the device is ready for use).

Chinese housing parts do not correspond to the quality of the original ones, which is why their installation can cause a number of difficulties:

     Gaps between them;

     Body coating;

     Material color and texture;

     The presence of minor defects in production;

     The strength of the new hull is low enough to limit the use of brute force.

The correct approach when replacing the case provides a quick and high-quality result, which will make your "old man" – a new one!