Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 6s back cover

For convenience, the back cover of the iPhone 6S is made of aluminum. This at the same time endows it with bending properties and makes it extremely susceptible to deformation. According to iPhone 6 S users, this particular feature is the main drawback of the model.

Let's consider the most common situations when you need to replace the back cover for the iPhone 6S. By the way, as statistics show, together with this breakdown, the owners of the device simultaneously update the iPhone 6S panel.

     Major scratches caused by wearing the phone without a protective case.

     Impact / fall cracks.

     Dents (other deformations) caused by crushing or careless handling.

     Swelling of the battery.

Know if your iPhone 6 S back cover or panel needs repair, on our website you can find all the necessary parts and instructions to help you complete the repair yourself.

iPhone 6s back cover set

The package of the case of a touchscreen phone, in most cases, includes a back cover or a battery compartment cover, a middle part, a metalized / chrome-plated frame, or a decorative front insert, if it is provided for by the phone design. The package usually does not include the front protective glass, plastics, keyboards, stylus, camera glass.

Carefully study the photo on the site, as a rule, it reflects the complete set we offer upon sale. Sometimes the middle part and the keyboard are made in the form of dummies, which are visible in the photo but do not replace parts, in which case they must be purchased separately.

Note! The shade and ornament of the case may differ from the shade and ornament in the photograph. To avoid misunderstandings please specify the picture for the product at the time of order.

Apple back cover for iPhone 6s

You can replace iPhone back cover 6S, you can do it yourself if you have the appropriate tools and depending on your skills. If you are not sure that you can do it or your phone model has nuances, difficulties in replacing the case, you can contact the service center master and order a mobile phone repair service.

We only sell high-quality cases for Apple iPhone 6S. Our procurement department regularly works to find the best manufacturers. If the quality of the case does not suit you, you can return the purchased case according to the rules. A number of simple rules and regulations will help you easily eliminate the inconveniences that have arisen in the shortest possible time. We are fully confident in the quality of the goods we sell, so we can provide such a service for our customers.