Asus camera

All modern gadgets have built-in cameras. In some individual models, there may even be several of them. The Asus camera in a smartphone makes it possible not only to take clear photos and record videos but to preserve the brightest moments of life forever. The latest generation of phones has at least two Asus mobile cameras: the main one and the front one. The first camera for Asus is located on the back of the phone, and the second, respectively, on the front and is needed in order to take selfies. For many reasons, the Asus phone camera can break. In this case, there are 2 solutions: buy an original camera from a native manufacturer or a high-quality copy, which will cost an order of magnitude cheaper, but not be inferior in quality to the original one.

Asus front camera

The failure of the camera will not be overlooked. Perhaps the breakdown of the Asus camera for phone will manifest itself through a significant deterioration in the quality of the picture. Maybe it will not turn on at all, and when you try to open any application in order to take a photo, an error will appear. If extraneous spots or stripes appear on the images, this is another “symptom” of the deterioration of the device's camera. The front camera can fail for the following reasons:

     Non-working flash - it may either not turn on at all, or work partially.

     An error occurs while starting the camera. As a rule, an error entails the appearance of a system message like "failed to connect to the camera" or "the camera is busy" and so on.

     The picture that is obtained as a result of shooting has various defects: stripes, spots, streaks, and so on.

     The most common causes of breakdowns:

     Ingress of water or moisture droplets into the housing;

     Mechanical damage to the case of the phone due to all kinds of falls on hard surfaces and as a result of impacts;

     Malfunction of the protective shutter due to physical wear and tear;

     A frayed train due to drops or wear.

Asus camera: Where to buy?

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