Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 8 Plus back cover

The iPhone 8 Plus back cover has the following characteristics:

     Compatibility - iPhone 8 plus;

     Material - tempered glass;

     Glass surface - oleophobic material;

     Primary colors: Gold, Black, Space Gray, Silver / White;

     Size - 158.4x78.1 mm.

The phone cover reliably protects its internal microcircuits from external damage. Taking all the "blow" on itself, the tempered glass is damaged, resulting in the need for an iPhone 8 Plus back cover replacement.

Advantages of iPhone 8 plus back covers

The owners of this smartphone model note the following positive features characteristic of the panel:

     Convenience. The gadget is securely fixed in the hand and does not slip (if the hands are not wet). It is convenient to use it even in the cold because it does not cool as much as aluminum.

     Stylish appearance. The glass attracts attention and gives the smartphone a special presentable look.

     The increased conductivity of radiofrequency waves. Glass surface better conducts Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE signals.

Negative features

The glass lid is also characterized by a number of negative characteristics, which include:

     Markingness. It literally attracts fingerprints. However, it is enough to simply erase them.

     Fragility. The lid breaks even from small mechanical influences. Small cracks do not interfere with normal operation, but they increase the risk of serious damage resulting in panel replacement.

     Sensitivity. Many users note that the surface peels off very quickly and is covered with small scratches. This happens precisely because of the material that is sensitive to external influences.

Whatever the damage (just aesthetic or serious, detrimental to work), the back cover of the iPhone 8 plus, which you can buy from our online store Spare Parts Mobile, needs to be replaced. Otherwise, even with the smallest defects, dust or moisture may enter the case, which will negatively affect the operation of the device. You can carry out the replacement both yourself and with the help of Apple repair technicians.

Advantages of the Spare Parts Mobile online store

The main concept of our work is to provide customers with exceptionally high-quality spare parts and accessories for smartphones at an optimal cost. The assembled iPhone 8 plus back cover purchased from us will reliably protect the internal system of your phone from mechanical damage and will serve for a long time.