Camera Series

Camera Series

Apple iPhone 6s Plus camera

Even a small shock or moisture ingress is enough for the iPhone 6s Plus camera to stop working. Damage to the anterior and primary chambers has similar symptoms. But only an experienced master will be able to determine which particular camera is out of order after the initial diagnostics. If your camera does not work after the iOS update, then a flashing may help.

How to understand that you need to iPhone 6S Plus camera replacement of the main camera:

     a black screen appears when the camera is turned on;

     the camera freezes and does not focus;

     the flashlight/flash does not turn off;

     in video recording mode, the camera seems to "rattle".

iPhone 6s Plus Front camera: when to change?

The popularity of the modern Apple iPhone 6S Plus is very high due to the optimal combination of operational parameters, external protective functions, and overall dimensions. The device has a successful 5.5-inch screen, supports high-speed information processing due to the use of the iOS operating system.

Powered by a progressive 2-core processor, it is based on 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal memory is allocated as information storage. Thanks to professional cameras with 12 and 5 megapixels, you can shoot and process photos and videos in 4K format. Not surprisingly, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus flex cable with front camera and proximity sensor gets a lot of stress during use. And if it is accidentally damaged, then to replace it with a new one, you must buy the same original 6s Plus iPhone camera. You can find it at a normal price through the website of the Spare Parts Mobile company. It differs from other similar stores with a large assortment of selection of various goods at a low cost.

iPhone 6s Plus back camera: why replace it?

The device itself works thanks to the progressive iOS operating system, enclosed in a durable, lightweight, and practical aluminum case, has 2 GB of RAM, 16 GW of internal memory, 2 professional cameras, one slot for a SIM card. It is compatible with the 4K format, so the Apple iPhone 6 S Plus (Original) camera is very sensitive, and in case of the slightest malfunction, it is necessary to provide it with a quick repair, and in critical cases, even a replacement. You can always buy a new part at Spare Parts Mobile. Here, at affordable prices, a lot of different parts for devices of different years of production and manufacturers, even those that have been discontinued, are sold.

Camera for iPhone 6s Plus: self replacement

If the front camera of the iPhone 6S Plus fails, then the functionality of the device becomes significantly limited, therefore, in this case, repairs become simply necessary. However, when the front camera of the iPhone 6S Plus fails, it is not at all necessary to resort to the services of a service center. It is quite possible to carry out repairs on your own. For this you just need:

     an authentic iPhone 6SPlus front camera purchased from our online store;

     video instructions for replacing the camera posted on our website.

After studying the instructions, it will not be difficult to replace the front camera of the iPhone 6S Plus.