Camera Series

Camera Series

Apple iPhone 8 Plus camera

The video and photo materials necessary for the user are captured by the iPhone 8 plus camera. The smartphone is equipped with two cameras: the main one, located on the back of the device, and the front one, built into the front panel. The iPhone 8 Plus back camera contains two modules - a telephoto lens and a wide-angle viewfinder.

Parameters, features, and possibilities of cameras iPhone 8 Plus

The back camera unit iPhone 8 plus is created with improved characteristics compared to the previous model of the device: the colors, texture of the objects being shot are captured by it with increased detail. The module has a matrix with a resolution of 12 and 8 megapixels, an aperture ratio of 1.8 and 2.8. The equipment is represented by the following functionality:

     optical image stabilization;

     optical zoom, digital (tenfold);

     extended color range;

     photosensor CMOS from the manufacturer Sony;

     focus distance 3.99 mm;

     resolution 4032 * 3024 px (photo), 3840 * 2160 px (video);

     video recording frequency - 60 frames / sec.

In addition to improved technical properties, the device has an improved portrait shooting: portraits can be shot in studio quality, including against a black background. The lighting of the face is adjustable as desired.

The main unit got the ability to perfectly capture the subtle details of the texture of objects. It displays the smallest elements of it in detail, even with poor quality ambient lighting. In addition, the module has an expanded dynamic range in comparison with its predecessors, and a reduced noise level due to the operation of new light sensors.

In bright sunlight, the balance of light and shadow is harmoniously balanced. By default, all shots are shot in HDR quality using an extended range of colors. Premium-quality photos are provided not only by the first-class parameters of the matrix, both lenses but also by the visual signal processor - its algorithms instantly recognize information (movement, faces, general lighting) and process it.

The iphone 8 plus front camera has the following parameters:

     type of photosensor CMOS;

     aperture 2.2;

     focal length 2.87 mm;

     resolution 3088 * 2320 px (photo), and 1920 * 1080 px (video);

     video recording - 30 frames / sec.

How to buy a camera on iPhone 8 plus?

The front module is assembled and includes a microphone and a sensor cable. The main unit includes two lenses, two cables.

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