iPhone 4 CDMA Parts

iPhone 4 CDMA Parts

Apple iPhone 4 CDMA

Old iPhones are still used by many users, which leaves the question of repairing them and purchasing quality iPhone 4 CDMA replacement parts.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 4 is quite an old device, its relevance and practicality cannot be ignored in any way. More than 6% of fans of this brand's products continue to use the iPhone 4, and some stores sell the model as a new device.

The most demanded iPhone 4 GSM parts

Based on this, iPhone 4 CDMA small parts remain in demand, especially in the original version.

If it is necessary to repair or restore the phone, not only body elements and a display can be used but also such iPhone 4 CDMA parts list:

     iPhone 4 HOME button or flex cable separately;

     vibration motor;

     bottom and side charging cables and headphone connection;

     front and main cameras with connectors and cables.

Considering the age of the device, it is possible, quite rightly, to assume the need to extend its autonomous operation by replacing the battery. The original production of the battery is with a clamping (fixing) clip. A simple replacement will allow you to return the previous performance and autonomy of the device.

Complex repair

If the iPhone 4 is used as a primary phone and multimedia device, a comprehensive approach to its repair would be logical.

It is best to replace a damaged screen or touchscreen with a kit. The original module does not require separation (there is a high probability of damage to serviceable parts by heating or mechanical stress) and therefore is installed in just a few minutes.

A similar principle should be adhered to in the process of choosing any necessary spare part. If it is a loop, then it is necessary with ports already placed on it or mechanical buttons for the external addition of the front and side panels.

More information about each spare part can be found on the website spare-parts-mobile.com. Just check with the manager in the chat what interests you.

Identity and interchangeability of spare parts

When it comes to a battery replacement, you should understand that they are fully compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 CDMA. The 4S also accepts an identical power supply, but with a distinctive board mount.

The screens, with the cables located under them, are completely similar, differ only in the mounting frame. Therefore, you can buy them without any hesitation, provided that you install your own frame.

The speakers for both iPhones 4 and 4 CDMA are fully compatible and interchangeable. Otherwise, the spare parts have significant structural differences, including the price.

Which iPhone is better?

As you can see, there are no problems with spare parts for old iPhones - they are there, there are a lot of them, and they are of sufficient quality, including the original ones. So you can buy an old iPhone without any special fears, you will just need to choose a model.