Metal Parts

Metal Parts

Apple iPhone 8 Plus metal parts

Looking for quality accessories and iPhone 8 Plus metal parts? In the Spare Parts Mobile online store, you can order the necessary part for a smartphone quickly and inexpensively. In the presence of original spare parts from factories certified by Apple, which ensures the original characteristics of products, their functionality, stability, and durability. The product has been checked and tested, a warranty is issued. Delivery to all cities of the United States is possible.

iPhone 8 plus spare and metal parts catalog in Spare PartsMobile

The assortment of our store includes almost any component for repairing Apple smartphones at an excellent price. If you find it difficult to choose the right component, call us for advice and a selection of options. Except for metal parts, the most in-demand are:

     screen blocks assembled;

     replacement display glass;

     high-quality batteries;

     rear panel and camera glass;

     internal modules, loops;

     speakers, microphones;

     cases, buttons, etc.

Replacement parts on Apple phones

The new generation of Apple smartphones is distinguished by the presence of new functions, reliability of assembly, speed of performance, but the mechanical impact can cause damage to the phone. If you begin to notice the incorrect operation of the phone, you should contact the service center, where qualified engineers specializing in the repair of Apple equipment work.

Often the owners of phones contact us after careless handling, which may be caused by the ingress of liquid into the device or mechanical impact. Physical damage leads to chips, scratches, and deformation of the case or display, after which the touch panel is not able to work normally. We provide various repair parts for the iPhone 8 plus, so if you need to replace the metal parts, our consultants will quickly advise you the perfect spare part.