Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Apple iPhone 8 flex cable

The presentation of Apple made an indelible impression: of all the new products, the attention of the public was won by the devices of the iPhone line. Three models were presented: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. The design became common: the body made of solid steel and glass panels "refreshed" the appearance and character of the device. This can be considered a reference to the 4th iPhone, many have already forgotten the tactile sensations that the "four" gave. The durability went under the knife for the sake of the design and the overall "survival" of the technique - decreased. It is enough to throw the smartphone on a tile or concrete floor and its impeccably smooth body will be covered with a scattering of cracks and chips.

A strong blow will easily damage the internal components of the phone, for example, iPhone 8 flex cable. Any smartphone consists of standard (common) elements:


     Display (matrix, LCD);

     Battery (battery);

     Speakers (microphone);


They are connected to a common system using flexible connections, called - a loop on the iPhone 8. Their shape and appearance may differ, the function is always the same - to transmit electrical impulses between the components of the smartphone.

Almost any body for iPhone 8 (and not only) consists of the following parts:

     Connector (connection point);

     Plume body (strong tape, contains many small "tracks", ends with a connector (connector), the material is quite fragile);

     Various additional elements (power circuits, fuses, microcircuits, and protection keys).

Perhaps the most vulnerable part of the phone can be damaged, even by such factors:

     Mechanical damage;

     Ingress of moisture and water;

     Exposure to critical temperatures;

     Time (loss of flexibility).

It is very difficult to repair such damage! Most often, the component to which the loop for the iPhone 8 is "tied" completely changes, which smoothly brings us to the search, purchase, and repair of equipment from Apple.

iPhone 8 flex cable replacement and repair

It is very important to start repairs by looking for the cause of the breakdown. It would be best to contact the service center specialists. Diagnostics will indicate exactly what and how broke. Now, knowing the problem, we proceed to fix it.

Finding a new part is easy! It is necessary to open a browser and enter the request: “Buy a flat cable for the iPhone 8” - select our online store and go to the website to study the catalog. The wide range of products and accessories is conveniently categorized, and the smart keyword search system is fast and convenient. You can easily find any part on the iPhone 8 and many other smartphones. Order and promptly deliver your purchase to any city on the territory of the US. On the site, you will also find reviews of satisfied customers and the latest news from the world of mobile technologies.

If you decide to do the replacement yourself, here are a couple of tips:

     It is always better to start by searching for a part on the Internet;

     For disassembly, we need a set of tools, a suction cup, and a magnet (for storing bolts and screws);

     It is better to always prepare a service manual or find a video on the network for disassembling a new iPhone;

     Take notes during the renovation process;

     The damaged area needs to be identified and the issue explained.

After installation, assemble the device, use it as directed!