Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 6 Plus back cover

The most susceptible to physical damage in any phone is the panel. The back cover of the iPhone 6 Plus is made of high-quality plastic, but it does not always withstand drops from great heights. Therefore, the back cover for iPhone 6 Plus as a spare part is very popular among the owners of the new American gadget.

Types of materials for the manufacture of back covers for iPhone 6 Plus

Most modern smartphones have cases with the following base:

     Metal - this material has good thermal conductivity and has an original external design. The steel body is immune to various influences and is able to maintain its original appearance for a long period;

     Glass - due to its excellent performance and technical data, the material allows you to create cases of varying complexity and geometry. The most in-demand today is GorillaGlass, the aesthetics of which is supported by ultra-high-strength and reliability;

     Leather - photos of devices with a similar case delight with their attractiveness and luxury. The cost of smartphones with such a basis is quite significant, which determines the choice of this option mainly for devices from the business segment;

     Polymers - the iPhone 6 Plus back cover from various variations of plastic is most common today. It is characterized by an extensive assortment of colors and sizes, and the price for such a product is very affordable and democratic.

When to change the 6 Plus back cover on your iPhone

As practice shows, the replacement of the body is mainly carried out in such situations:

     Natural wear of the surface;

     Loss of its original appearance due to damage or defects;

     Desire to change your own image;

     Updating the aesthetics and appeal of the smartphone.

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus back cover is available in a variety of types, but it's better to opt for the original part. It will turn out to be the most qualitative solution to the problem. You can buy a back cover for iPhone 6 Plus on the Internet, saving time on searching for parts in stores in the US. You can replace the cover with an iPhone 6 Plus by yourself or use the service center.