Outer Glass Lens

Outer Glass Lens

LG Outer Glass Lens

The screens in modern smartphones are significantly larger than those of conventional mobile phones, but they are also more vulnerable. Therefore, after severe mechanical damage, the main impact falls on the screen. LG Outer Glass Lens is not just a tool for managing the entire device but also a protective element for the display.

Reasons for touch glass breakage

Modern consumers do not often think about buying a protective case for their mobile devices, so they almost constantly expose them to one or another damage. In addition to normal wear and tear, when the screen of the device breaks down on its own during long-term use, there are several more serious reasons for breakdowns. Replacing the glass on a smartphone may be necessary after:

     Strong blows.

     Dropping your smartphone.

     Moisture penetration into the device.

     Short circuits.

All these phenomena have a rather negative effect on the performance of the screen and touch glass, in particular.

How can you tell if the glass outer lens of your smartphone is cracked?

The screen of any mobile device is a complex mechanism that includes several different parts. The display is the part of the screen that is responsible for displaying the image, and the touch glass is needed to control the device. Therefore, falling can damage both parts and one of them. Determining which part is out of order is not difficult, for this you just need to look at the cracks on the screen.

White cracks, which do not change their shape and color when pressed, indicate that it was the glass that broke, so if you notice such damage, it is only a matter of time before the glass is installed. It is only necessary to entrust this work to a professional since independent intervention can be fraught with serious consequences. A defective display produces black cracks that can change shape when pressed. If you are in doubt and cannot accurately determine the breakdown, contact the service center for help.

What can we offer?

If you still have not decided how to change the glass on your LG smartphone, then first you can purchase replacement parts in our catalog, which contains a wide range of components and accessories for mobile devices.