Tail Connector

Tail Connector

Lenovo tail connector

The Lenovo tail connector is an important part that synchronizes your mobile device to a power source to charge the battery from the mains. Nowadays, modern gadgets need regular feeding, every two days, and some models - daily. Devices have to be energized using a special USB cable.

The charging port can handle a large number of cycles with the careful use of the smartphone. But sooner or later, the user may face a problem when the USB connector stops working. The socket can be easily and simply replaced with a new port, thereby extending the life of the mobile phone.

Type of the charging port for the phone:

     USB Type C

     Lightning - iPhone jack

     Micro USB charging port

     Mini USB connector

Let's take a closer look at these types.

Type-C is a relatively new version of the power connector used on flagship Android phones and tablets. The type-c variant is considered a safer and more reliable charging connector.

Lightning is a connection technology that is used in devices of the well-known Apple brand. The iPhone socket is also highly reliable.

Micro USB is the most common type and is used in mobile phones that run Android OS. The micro USB port is universal and is often used in other devices besides smartphones.

Mini USB is considered obsolete, this type of power connector is less and less common in modern gadgets.

Replacing the tail connector

It happens that the phone at some point stops accepting a charge or synchronizing, there can be many reasons for this, but we will consider exactly those in which the power connector needs to be replaced.

     The charging socket is loose.

     The charging connector is broken.

     The connector has oxidized after being exposed to moisture.

     Damage to the charging board (you need to buy the bottom board).

Having made diagnostics, you can determine the nature of the malfunction, then proceed to search for the necessary spare part and repair the charging connector.