Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Huawei flex cable

The Huawei flex cable is installed inside the structure of the cell phone. In clamshells, a flex cable for a Huawei phone connects the moving sides of the case, and in a fixed case - a processor and a speaker, a charging socket, a microphone, and other elements. And often the reason for the malfunction of these devices is the wear of the loop. In addition, the flex cable for Huawei phones may be damaged if the device is dropped to the floor, or if water or sand gets inside the case.

What cables does Huawei produce?

On case-mobile.com, residents of the US can order original flat cables for Huawei phones, as well as their high-quality copies. Originals are not available for all brands of these phones. But a copy is not a fake. It is also a spare part from a native manufacturer, with its own warranty period. Here's how it differs:

      More often it is manufactured at a plant of other capacities (not with the original);

     The price of a copy of a loop for a Huawei phone is lower (due to its remote production).

It is still profitable to take a cheap flex cable for Huawei with an eye on the cost up to 2 times lower, but it is the original that corresponds to the factory design by 100%.

Flex cables for Huawei mobile phones are equipped with different nodes:

     Receivers of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GSM communication;

     Sensors of prints, proximity to the screen, and its illumination;

     Flash switch;

     Buttons and joystick;

     Microphone and speaker;

     Connectors for the headset, charging, etc.

Is it worth repairing the cable?

It is not so profitable to repair cables for Huawei phones - the part is fragile, and no one gives a guarantee that it will work fully after repair. Therefore, the safest way is to buy a flex cable for the Huawei phone, which fully matches the phone model. Then all the elements of the device after replacement will work properly.

 You can buy a replacement for the flat cable on your tablet or phone immediately in our online store - reliably, quickly, and efficiently. Be sure to consult if you have any questions when choosing accessories.