Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Asus flex cable

Asus flex cable or for any other brand can break either due to wear and tear, or after falling, flooding the phone with water, or getting sand. This is an important part that connects the main parts of the phone - sensor, speaker, keyboard, and others, with its processor. If the image begins to distort, the clamshell case does not work, or there are malfunctions of a different nature - most often you will have to order a new cable and replace it.

Only the native manufacturer produces flex cables for Asus phones. If you find this part with a different manufacturer's name, it is fake and should not be purchased. We advise you to buy a flex cable for your own Asus smartphone in one of the following options:

     Original assembly;

     High-quality copy.

If a cheaper price of a part is a priority for you, take an official copy. But the original spare part is more accurate and will last longer. The original cable for Asus phones has a longer warranty period.

The complete set of cables for the Asus mobile phone has additional elements:

     Charging cable connector;


     Connectors for a memory card or SIM-card;


     Buttons to increase and decrease the volume and turn on / off the phone.

The cost of a flex cable for an Asus phone also depends on the content. In fact, to find out what type of part is needed for your phone, it is worth asking a store specialist.

General recommendations for installing a new loop

Repairing cables for Asus phones in the US is not always a profitable option. This element is fragile and vulnerable and may stop working again after repair.

Ordering accessories and components in Case-mobile is more reliable than from other representatives (which is confirmed by our high reputation).