Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 6s Plus back cover

Are you often get embarrassed when your iPhone looks like an outdated, worn-out thing? If the back cover of your iPhone 6 Plus is scratched, cracked, chipped, or frayed, you just need to replace it. We're the iPhone repair parts experts, bringing your phone back to the absolutely fresh look it was when you first bought your brand new iPhone!

iPhone 6 s Plus back cover: why you need to change it?

The back cover of the iPhone 6S Plus is one of the most frequently damaged parts of a smartphone. As a rule, it becomes unusable as a result of a fall and the only option is to replace it with a new one. By the way, there is nothing complicated in this operation and you can do it yourself, following this algorithm:

     buying an authentic cover;

     studying the instructions describing how to replace the iPhone 6SPlus panel;

     removing the damaged cover;

     installing a new panel.

You can buy the back cover for the iPhone 6S Plus phone, as well as see the video instructions for replacing the back cover of the iPhone 6S Plus directly on our website.

iPhone 6s Plus back cover: where to get it?

Phones fall quite often, which leads to external damage to the case, chips, and scratches appear. But instead of changing your phone, you can replace the case and bring the smartphone back to its original look. The stylish design of the iPhone is one of the reasons for its popularity, so not every owner of this model will be satisfied with using a phone with a damaged case. We sell original spare parts and issue a guarantee on them, so you can safely bring your device to our service center. You can also buy a case and we will send your order to any city on the territory of the US.

You can choose the spare part that suits you best on the website of our online store. We have been supplying and selling quality spare parts for a long time and will be happy to help you in the process of choosing the required part. Our consultants are at any time ready to answer all questions regarding the manufacturer, quality of materials, cost, and delivery time of the part.

You are required to go to the page with the desired spare part and add it to the cart. For example, if you decide to buy iPhone 6S Plus original back cover, click on the "add to cart" button, then on "checkout" and enter your details for delivery.