Glass Lens

Glass Lens

Apple iPhone 6s Plus glass lens

iPhone 6 S Plus glass lens for Apple is used for additional protection of the display module of the device from mechanical damage. This part is glued on top of the display module using a special wasp-film, and in case of blows or falls of the device, it takes the brunt of the blow. This design of the screen is highly advisable since often the damage from drops or impacts is limited to damage to one protective glass, while the display module remains intact. In addition, replacing the protective glass will require much less time and resources than repairing the entire display module. It is recommended to replace the protective glass at a service center since working with wasp-film requires certain skills and tools.

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iPhone 6s Plus screen malfunctions

The most common types of Apple iPhone 6s plus breakdowns are:

     Broken screen;

     The smartphone does not respond to pressing, touching, or the reaction is not observed in some area of ​​the screen;

     The glass of the screen is broken, although everything else works, the picture is displayed, the touch screen reacts to touch;

     Trapped moisture or liquid inside the phone;

     Fast battery discharge;

     The phone does not turn on;

     It is difficult to hear the interlocutor or the interlocutor does not hear you well.

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