10.5 inch

10.5 inch

Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Tablets are a very convenient technique for watching a movie, studying, and for the Internet. The release of the iPad Pro 10.5 in 2019 was a breakthrough among Apple devices. Drawing and many endless possibilities open up to us after purchasing this technique. We get used to it, so when the iPad is in a “frozen state,” the first question that arises is when will it work?

iPad Pro 10.5 replacement parts

After detailed diagnostics in the service, they can already determine the breakdown. Most often, clients are faced with a broken display on an iPad, this is due to the fact that the tablet is constantly in our hands and we are not insured against accidents. For example, the iPad fell and its screen shattered. Replacing the display with an iPad pro 10.5 ”requires only original iPad Pro 10.5 parts and special equipment. The replacement time ranges up to 1 hour.

Another popular component is the battery. As you know, no process of Apple devices is possible without a battery. Therefore, if you notice that your battery is swollen or does not hold a perfect charge, contact Spare Parts Mobile store for a replacement part.

Moisture on the device is not always “fatal”. It is important to see a specialist on time. After getting inside the water, corrosion gradually forms in the iPad Pro 10.5 ”, what should I do? In this situation, turn off the tablet and go to the service. Do not try to dry the device yourself as this can lead to costly repairs.

Where to buy parts for iPad Pro 10.5 ″?

Original spare parts and high-quality copies can be purchased not only at retail prices but there are also commercial offers for our partners. The wholesale price can be announced by the manager by phone, you just need to call the phone number that is indicated on the website.

No matter how difficult the breakdown is, we will confidently quickly get you a repair part. After all, the store always has a full warehouse of original parts. In order to order a repair part in Spare Parts Mobile store, you can:

     Dial the phone number that is listed on the website;

     Leave a request for a call back;

     Write to the manager on the website in the lower right corner.

We are waiting for you!