Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Apple iPhone 7 flex cable

The online store Spare Parts Mobile offers iPhone 7 flex cables for purchase: for volume keys, audio cable, antenna cables (Wi-Fi, NFC).

The Wi-Fi antenna module is designed to transmit information within a local wireless network. Using this technology, it is possible to visit the Internet from smartphones. An NFC antenna (that is, "near field communication") is necessary for contactless data transmission over a distance of about 10 cm. It is used so that the owner can pay a tariff for using the public transport, or your purchases in shopping centers.

Flex cables iPhone 7 are flexible wired systems that connect the components of a mobile device, transmitting an electronic signal between them. The audio cable with the system connector is the bottom ribbon flex cable for the iPhone 7. It houses the universal 8-pin Lightning port. The cable controls the replenishment of the battery charge, the operation of the headphones, microphone, polyphonic speaker, antenna, vibration motor. The iPhone 7 volume cable flex is responsible for turning off / on the device, adjusting the volume of the sound, microphone operation, diode double flash.

Technical characteristics of iPhone 7 flex cables

The Wi-Fi antenna operates on the basis of international standards IEEE 802.11 at radio frequencies of 2402-2480 MHz. The data transfer takes place at a speed of about 54 Mbps. The NFC antenna works on the principle of magnetic induction: two modules in the form of frames are located close to each other, forming a transformer, where air acts as a core. The work takes place at the ISM Band radio frequencies of 13.56 MHz (about 2 MHz wide). The baud rate is supported in the following sizes: 0.0848, 0.1696, 0.3392, 0.6784, 1.356, 2.712, 5.424 kbps.

An audio cable with a system connector (bottom cable iPhone 7) is presented for purchase as an assembly: it contains a port for charging and using Lightning headphones, a microphone, a speaker, an antenna, a vibration motor is connected to it.

The iPhone 7 power flex cable contains a connecting cable, connection nodes, membranes for sound, and power keys. The cable is compatible with all iPhone 7 models (32, 128, 256 GB).

Where to buy?

For sale, each of the products is presented in two versions - original elements, or their analogs:

     Wi-Fi antenna module;

     NFC antenna;

     audio loop with system connector (black, white);

     loop of volume and power keys.

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