Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 7 back cover

Most often, due to active use or mechanical damage, it is the back cover iPhone 7 that suffers. On the iPhone 7, scuffs, scratches, cracks, and even chips can appear, which significantly impair the appearance of the gadget. If such a nuisance happened - do not despair, already the 7th generation of iPhones is being accepted into work by the masters of the service centers and in the Spare Parts Mobile online store you can buy any part you need.

Damage to the iPhone 7 back cover occurs when dropped from a height, shock, exposure to high temperatures. Repairing an iPhone 7 with a deformed cover should be done as soon as possible to avoid damaging the battery and the system board adjacent to it.

iPhone 7 back covers: types and characteristics

In the online store Spare Parts Mobile for iPhone 7, the back panel is presented both as original models and high-quality copies. All presented models comply with standards, are installed tightly, without backlash and gaps. The original iPhone 7 back cover has an oleophobic coating, on which prints do not remain, which favorably distinguishes it from copies. Rugged anodized aluminum in the body makes it durable and resistant to scratches and dents.

iPhone 7 back cover replacement: design and equipment

The back cover for iPhone 7, both the original and the copy, has a cutout for the camera, characteristic inscriptions, and a logo. It comes with a set of side buttons (power, volume control, and vibration switch), as well as a SIM card slot. The assortment includes cases in different colors: red, black, red-black, silver, gold, rose gold, and even the most exclusive and expensive color - black onyx.

The Apple iPhone 7 back cover jet black (black onyx) has specific features that distinguish it from the black matte body:

     mirrored glossy finish with a lot of glare;

     when turned off, the back of the smartphone looks identical to the screen;

     even in the presence of prints, the smartphone retains a presentable appearance.

Quality iPhone cases at a favorable price

In order to avoid damage to the microcircuits of the smartphone and the penetration of moisture into the interior, you need to replace the damaged part in time. In the online store Spare Parts Mobile, you can purchase a high-quality panel of the desired color with delivery, as well as a cover to protect the case from damage. It is undesirable to replace the case yourself, so as not to damage the cables, it is better to contact the service center.