Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Apple iPhone 6 flex cable

In September 2015, the long-awaited and coveted by many - iPhone 6 was presented to the world! A breath of fresh air for the entire mobile industry. Since the official announcement, the gaze of fans, critics, and skeptics has not left sites, articles, and various information leaks.

The first thing we would like to note is the original design of the case: thin and very graceful, sharp corners were replaced with smooth ones. Apple specialists did the impossible - they managed to fit all the technical potential, advanced developments during assembly, into such a miniature case.

But it would be impossible without the use of flexible and movable structural elements, called iPhone 6 flex cable. They are used to connect:

     Display module;

     Touch ID scanner;

     Hearing speaker and front camera;

     Accumulator battery;

     Main camera module;

     Control buttons and a "mute" mode lever;

     Antenna unit for Wi-Fi and GSM / LTE communication;

     Bottom loop of speaker/microphone and Lightning connector.

If we look at the motherboard of the iPhone 6, it is covered with various connectors for connecting hinged components. This type of mobile connection, like the flex cable iPhone 6, was used long before the very concept of a “smartphone” appeared. The loop was the weak point of any mobile phone in those years. Over time, the material from which this element was made gets "tired" and covered with many cracks, and a strong blow can even tear it apart. If a breakdown occurs, then you need to immediately replace the flex cable iPhone 6 with a new one, and the iPhone 6 flex cable repair is no exception!

iPhone 6 flex cable replacement

Any attempt to disassemble the iPhone may cause damage to basic elements such as:

     Display flex;

     Bottom cable for charging, speaker, microphone;

     Loop of control buttons or Home;

     Battery connector;


A very unpleasant type of breakdown since such a repair requires disassembling almost the entire device, and this may entail additional costs. The iPhone 6 flex cable cost may differ and depends on the type of functions performed and its quality.

Everyone agrees that the Apple iPhone 6 is made up of intricate pieces that can be combined to perform different functions. On our website, you can buy iPhone flex cable 6 and order delivery to all cities of the United States.

Features of iPhone self-repair

It is best to contact the network of official service centers, which will save time and be calm about the quality of the work done. If for some reason, the price for a loop to the iPhone 6 is not acceptable to you, including the work of a master, you can do everything yourself. To do this, you must have on hand:

     Plastic spatulas;

     Suction cup for removing the screen;

     Screwdriver Set;

     The new part (loop);

     Video instruction and service documentation (manual);

     A workplace with good lighting.

If you approach the organization and conduct repairs carefully, you will quickly restore the device!